LED Lighting

Purelight Hybrid

The Purelight Hybrid is a dual-function UV-C lamp is a solution designed to sterilize rooms and surfaces. The specialist bacterio- and virucidal luminaire with the T8 light source has been designed for surface-mounting or stand-mounting in a mobile version. It emits UV-C radiation at 253.7 nm. Luminaire in FLOW mode thanks to the safe shielding of emitted UV-C light ensures that the luminaire can be used in the presence of people indoors. Additionally equipped with an external radiator enabling additional DIRECT function, i.e. decontamination of the surface after leaving the sterilized room by humans and animals.

Product Specifications

Number of UV-C Radiant Tubes 3
Type of Radiant Tube 30W - 36W
Luminaire Power 97W - 107W
IP Rating IP20
Max. Room Volume (M3) 50 - 60
Max. Decontamination Area (M2) 17 - 20
Decontamination Time (HH:MM) 2:49 - 3:24
Number of Airflow Cycles Per Day 40 - 48
U-VC Radiant Tube Lifetime 8000 hours
Input Voltage 220-240V
Limited Warranty 2 Years
Mounting Surface (Brackets Included)
Net Weight 12.4KG - 14KG