LED Lighting

Purelight Flow

The Purelight Flow is a UV-C flow-through luminaire is a solution created for sterilization of rooms where people live. Specialized bactericidal and virucidal luminaire with T8 light sources. The luminaire can be surface-mounted or stand-mounted in a mobile version. It emits UV-C radiation at 253.7 nm. Forced air circulation and safe shielding of the emitted UV-C light ensure that the luminaire can be used in the presence of people indoors.

Product Specifications

Number of UV-C Radiant Tubes 2 - 3
Type of Radiant Tube 30 - 36W
Luminaire Power 65W - 107W
IP Rating IP20
Max. Room Volume (M3) 50 - 90
Max. Decontamination Area (M2) 17 - 30
Number of Airflow Cycles Per Day 27 - 48
U-VC Radiant Tube Lifetime 8000 hours
Input Voltage 220-240V
Limited Warranty 2 Years
Mounting Surface (Brackets Included)
Net Weight 13.2KG - 15.2KG