LED Lighting

EM Series BLK

The EM Series BLK uses LED technology to provide the best results by increasing spacing performance and maintaining a low energy usage. The luminaire can be wired for either maintained or non-maintained

Whilst our SD (Standard) version covers the basic emergency requirements and provides compliance to current standards including BS 60598-2-22, our more advanced versions, Advanced Self-Test (AST) and Programmable Self-Test (PST), together with Advanced Remote Control (ARC) or Programmable Remote Control (PRC), also provide significant maintenance savings and peace of mind for all customers as they require no manual testing.

Our Emergency Bulkhead have up to 320 lumens output, from 15 metre viewing distance, at an angle of 105o, providing high versatility for a large number of applications.

Product Specifications

Delivered Light Output Up to 320 lumens
Input Power Up to 3W
IP Rating IP65
Input Voltage 220- 240v
Lifetime 50,000 hours at 25°C
Limited Warranty 5 years
Dimensions L 355mm x W 109mm x D 60.88mm
Mounting Surface
Net Weight 1.9KG
Sign Viewing Distance 15m


Spec Sheet