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ILUX Lighting were approached by SEW-Eurodrive to deliver an LED lighting scheme for their UK Headquarters in Normanton, saving approx. £18,000 per year on energy costs.

SEW-Eurodrive is a market leader in drivetrain and motor engineering, with a presence across five continents and over 16,000 employees. ILUX Lighting were commissioned to replace the existing T5 fluorescent lighting in the Service Centre for their recently built UK headquarters whilst integrating with their existing stand alone DALI sensor system.

Dan Blair, Director of ILUX, outlines the project’s goals;

“When the Service Centre was built, it was fitted with T5 fluorescent lighting which was soon proving inefficient and expensive to maintain. Switching to LED lighting was a no-brainer, with huge cost savings on energy bills and a short payback time.”

To meet these requirements ILUX supplied 198 Arc 2 high bay luminaires, which offer high efficiency and excellent light quality.

Dan explains, “The Arc 2 was the best solution, providing excellent performance and delivering even, high quality lighting to the whole room. The products utilise a DALI control system, so they can be dimmed on sunny days and switched off in times of no activity, further saving on energy use.”

The resulting outcome, in terms of both performance and cost-saving, has been well received by SEW-Eurodrive. Martin Walsh, Works Manager for SEW-Eurodrive, says;

“We are very pleased with the LED installation, both internally and externally throughout our site undertaken by ILUX. Their installation team were on site over a number of days, working around our day to day operations, without any disruption to our processes. The installation has realised the expected significant operating and maintenance cost benefits, versus our originally installed lighting, and the improved quality of light has made a significant improvement to the workplace environment for all our employees.”



·       Under 2.5 years payback period, including installation costs

·       Estimated £18,000/year saving on energy costs

·       DALI controls increase flexibility and cost saving