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Cold Storage

Cold storage made smart. ILUX Lighting helps optimise cold storage environments, reduce running costs with the latest technology and improve power usage. Presence activated lighting generates minimal heat and delivers consistent performance and durability. We understand the challenge of providing the right lighting solution, our main focus is to increase efficiency and performance throughout your facilities with up to 80% less heat output. This enables cold storage facilities to reduce energy usage and minimise complication, reducing the risk of delays and interruptions. View our range of high quality LED lighting systems that are designed to provide exceptional levels of performance in terms of light output levels and energy consumption.

EVO Range


We are the perfect choice for durable high performance IP65 lighting products for exterior use. These include the latest street lighting, roadways, car parks, flood lighting and hi-tech control systems. Our generous array of quality lighting systems that not only reduce your carbon emissions, but power consumption costs too. With a powerful rendering index of 80CRI and 5,800 kelvin colour temperature, our lights have the capability to increase visibility through CCTV cameras, allowing you to view features more easily as well as instilling a sense of security. Lighting should require minimal maintenance which is why your installation comes with up to 60,000 hours maintenance for free. Browse our lighting models for more information or get in touch with us.

Food Production

We understand that the food production industry has special requirements that are essential when it comes to lighting. ILUX have a new delta range that has been designed to distribute light throughout the area with an optical lens. It possesses a high colour rendering index and close to daylight spectrum light colour temperature that provides a great environment for quality control. We can achieve up to 85% savings on our customers lighting costs while making it easier to maintain an ambient temperate for food production so standards are successfully met. Our mission is to make safety concerns a thing of the past and prevent costly production delays so get in touch to discuss a range of solutions.


Specialist lighting for the manufacturing industry is critical for facilities that run 24 hours a day. We have lighting systems that meet your requirements to help ensure your facility runs smoothly without costly interruptions. We are able to achieve a high colour rendering index of > 80CRI with a light colour temperature of 5,800 Kelvin. We use faceted lenses to ensure light spreads evenly, ideal for working with precision. Considering the manufacturing environments our lighting may face, our range of industrial lights are IP65 minimum rated, ensuring safety during cleaning even in the dirtiest of environments. By simply using less energy and wasting less energy as heat, our lights can cut your lighting costs by up to 85%. With less heat coming from your lights, you may enjoy further savings in air conditioning costs. If you're looking for precision working and a long useful life for lighting systems, we can help.


Lighting is a major component of the office atmosphere. We provide LED lighting systems which are the perfect solution for office environments. After all, the work environment can determine someone's capacity to perform. ILUX lighting solutions for offices offer quality, style and high energy efficiency achieving 50% energy savings a typical installation. Pleasant light helps generate a positive working atmosphere which comes at an advantage for employees, providing visual comfort and increasing productivity. We achieve this through glare free illumination of rooms, smart management systems and close to daylight spectrum lighting. Our professional lighting systems are also maintenance free for 60,000 hours, saving you money as well as meeting standard specifications. Contact us to discuss what lighting systems would be best for your office and what meets your budget.


ILUX provide high performance lighting solutions for petrol forecourts, dedicated to installing the latest technology throughout your facility, including canopy, flood lighting and street lighting. Forecourt canopy and parking area lighting ensures light is distributed exactly where it is needed, providing visual security to customers while you create a refreshing ambience that encourages return visits. Our concept of providing energy efficient lighting for petrol station forecourts is second to none with our 10-year warranty, which is double the industry average and our outstanding energy efficiency capabilities. With ILUX you can enhance your visual identity with exceptional energy savings and low maintenance costs. Contact us to discuss your requirements for interior and exterior applications.


We have designed lighting systems for the port industry currently in use on cranes & towers in ports around the world. They have the power to improve quality of light, distribution of light and quantity of light. Ideal lighting is crucial to cut pollution, maintain safety and cut energy costs for ports. Energy consumption costs account for a large proportion of operating expenses. At heights upwards of 30m our 325W LED fitting often replaces the far less efficient 2000W ballast fittings. We include up to 60,000 hours of free maintenance, further reducing the expense of maintaining lights at height and with access challenges. Our light design is already cutting costs in ports across the globe, contact us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Sports Facilities

ILUX provide high quality and effective lighting with lenses that help create the right amount of light which is critical for lighting in sports facilities. Our LED systems make them perfect for athletic applications, including ice rinks and football pitches for which we have successfully completed installations across the world. We are able to save up to 65% on lighting costs as well as reducing maintenance costs as our fittings are maintenance free for up to 60,000 hours. There are many opportunities to improve energy efficiency, productivity and safety throughout sports facilities. If you're searching for long lasting lighting solutions to support athletic activities, check out our range.



We have a selection of warehouse lighting systems tailored to your needs. As the days of costly, inefficient lighting installations have passed, ILUX provide high quality lighting that focuses on flexibility, lower maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency. We are aware that energy costs for warehouses can be alarmingly high, which is why our lighting is able to illuminate effectively from a height and deliver light exactly where you need it. This increases the quality of operations and creates an intuitive, comfortable working environment. We are able to achieve up to 85% savings on your lighting costs AND reduce your CO2 emissions. View our state of the art lighting systems below to find out more.

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